Sunday, June 26, 2011


Fireflight is a Christian rock band with a purpose. “For Those Who Wait” and “Unbreakable” have been two of Fireflight’s major anthems that prove an inspiration.

“We write from our personal experiences, and the experiences friends, family and fans have shared with us,” Dawn Michele, lead singer said.

The band formed in the spring of 2000 in a town outside of Orlando, Fla., according to Michele.

“We got a great response to our first album, The Healing of Harms (in 2006), but our exposure and support has increased exponentially since the release of our last two albums, Unbreakable (2008), and For Those Who Wait (2010),” Michele said.

Fireflight has a wide variety of influences including Foo Fighters, 30 Seconds to Mars, Blindside and various 80’s artists.

The band has been able to perform “all over the United States, and Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Holland, Croatia, and Puerto Rico,” Michele said. “We’ve performed with countless bands including Switchfoot, Skillet, Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch and Hawk Nelson.”

Michele said the band is looking forward to its future.

“We are currently writing our next album, and plan for it to be released early next year,” Michele said.

Band members include:

Dawn Michele-lead vocals
Adam McMillion-drums
Glenn Drennen-guitar
Wendy Drennen-bass
Justin Cox-guitar

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Music Recommendations

There are some great bands I have been reviewing and listening to recently. Here are some of the songs and my thoughts. Enjoy,

Agnes Obel “Riverside”
-“Riverside” starts out with a beautiful piano piece, followed by her unique voice.
Agnes Obel is an indie singer from Berlin. Her debut album, Philharmonics was released in late 2010.

Aloe Blacc “I Need A Dollar”
-“I Need A Dollar” has a great roots sound with strong lyrics mirroring the hardships of a person who lost everything and is starting up again.
Aloe Blacc is from Los Angeles, Calif. This song is from Blacc’s I Need A Dollar (How To Make It In America) EP.
Sounds like: John Legend

- “David” is an upbeat song from Brother’s Fly By Nights EP released in May 2011.
Brother is an alternative rock band from Slough, England.

The Black Ryder-“Grass” 
- “Grass” is a synth rock track from their 2011 Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride album.
The Black Ryder is an Australian band composed of Scott Von Ryper and Aimee Nash.
Sounds like: Unkle, Garbage

The Civil Wars-“Barton Hollow”
-“Barton Hollow” is a track from Joy Williams and John Paul White’s debut album, The Civil Wars. The track has a great beat and overall sound. Williams and White’s voices complement each other.
The Civil Wars are an acoustic folk duo originally from Santa Cruz, Calif., and Loretto, Tenn., respectively. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011


While some bands struggle, Sleeperstar has embarked on a successful journey to make them stand out of the pack. Their recent single “I Was Wrong” made it to a popular television series.

“So far it might have been the sync license for “I Was Wrong” on The Vampire Dairies,” Chris Pearson, the lead singer and guitarist said.

Also, the band didn't mind going a great distance to get its music going.

“We recorded half our EP in Sweden and the other half in LA with two dear friends that are both amazing producers,” Pearson said. “Released the EP then started touring in Dallas, Waco and Austin, Texas!”

Sleepstar had its first gig in 2007.

“We learned that we had a long long way to go to get to where we wanted to be,” Pearson said.

The long way paid off. After their 2008 “To Speak, to Love, to Listen” EP, they created “Just Another Ghost” in 2010.

“It took us 15 months to make, with 4 tours during the album making process,” Pearson said. “We threw half of the original album out and tracked 7 additional songs that we had previously written, or wrote on the road during the recording of the album.”

The origin for “Just Another Ghost” came from a song on the album.

“It’s a lyric from our song “Carry You,” Pearson said.

Their inspirations are faith, hope and love, which helps them continue to do what they love to do. They have also been inspired by other artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, Bon Iver, U2 and Coldplay.

Sleeperstar’s career has been surreal and amazing according to Pearson. They hope their music will continue to inspire others such as their influences have.

Band members include:

Shaun Menary - Drums
Chris Pearson - Guitar // Piano // Lead Singer
Nick Box - Lead Guitar // Piano // BGV’s
Jake Lester - Pianist // Organist // Strings // BGV’s
Brandon Rosas - Bass // BGV’s
(BGV - Back Ground Vocal) 

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Crookes

The Crookes is a pop rock band that has been influenced ’60s Motown, girl groups and modern pop music. The members met while in college in 2008 in Sheffield, England.

“We have collaborated a few times with Richard Hawley, who was always a massive inspiration to us. It was a real privilege to work with him,” the band said.

In the beginning, the band played at house parties before going on stage, playing songs about their friends.

“The guitars were out of tune, the vocals came through a bass amp and people usually nicked various pieces of music equipment before the gig had even finished,” the band said. “However, the one thing it taught us was how to put on a good show. Even if people don’t like the music, if you look like you’re going mental on stage, people will probably get into the show.”

The band has worked with other bands as well.

“We had a really interesting conversation with Win Butler from Arcade Fire about how they could improve their live show,” the band said. “We suggested covering Nirvana songs. He thought releasing thousands of helium balloons shaped like various animals would excite the British crowds.”

The band says it has a desire to succeed.

“Perhaps, we have been lucky in (that) the success hasn’t happened over night and we have constantly and still have to constantly work to promote our material and keep improving and writing new material,” the band said.

The Crookes recently released their debut album, “Chasing After Ghosts.”

“We wrote the whole thing in the living room in our big crappy house but chose to do most of the recording with our good friend Matt Peel,” the band said. “He owns a small studio in Leeds and could offer us ‘mates rates,’ which was appealing to us as at the time. I believe we were fairly broke.”

For the band’s future, they said they hope to continue making the music they love.

Band members include:

Alex Saunders: Guitar
Daniel Hopewell: Guitar
George Waite: Bass and vocals
Russell Bates: Drums

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy Vessels

The Holy Vessels are a unique country band that has a psychedelic gospel touch to it. The band is from Brighton, England, and has grown from a simple beginning.

“We formed in a bedroom, then a rehearsal studio, then on stage, repeating the process whenever nature required it,” the band said in an email. “Each member was dredged, out of necessity, from the bottom of a barrel, and wound up sounding pretty good in the warm light of day - so they stayed.”

The band’s success has been borne from playing together. They’ve had the chance to be part of The River Rat Pack Tour.

“Meeting the people we played and lived with influenced our attitude to music,” said the band. “After seeing the bands we were playing with we just want to do it.”

Their future goals are to record their debut album and continue their career.

“We are in the process of figuring out how to record our debut album on a pig farm in Oxfordshire,” said the band. “To further this we need to go on tour, then buy a house in the country to record in. Thus, our second album's going to blow your socks off.”

Band members include:

Frank Ryan
Joseph Heaselgrave
Robert Mavers
Tommy Heap
Moses Bogarde

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Enola Fall

Originating from Hobart Tasmania, Enola Fall formed in 2003. Beginning at a rough start, the band survived.

“We were actually called ‘Melatonin’ for awhile, but we were nearly sued by another band with the same name,” Joe Nuttall said. “We had to come up with something fast…we opened up a dictionary and an encyclopedia and pointed to two random pages.”

Their first gig was in Tasmania.

“We weren’t very well-rehearsed and we stuffed up a whole heap,” Nuttall said. “It became apparent that intent and energy are often much more important than being tight and rehearsed. Bit of a punk aesthetic.”

The band has been influenced by many bands such as Tom Waits, Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, Broken Social Scene and The Dresden Dolls. Some of which the band has been able to open for.

“We’ve toured extensively around Australia and also the UK and Germany,” Nuttall said. “On those tours we supported Amanda Palmer (lead singer of the Dresden Dolls), The Violent Femmes, The Jezabels, Turin Brakes…etc. Although it’s sometimes difficult to travel, we’ve managed it anyway.”

Since Enola Fall’s start, they have become successful with their recent album.

“It’s a change for us,” Nuttall said. “Less cabaret and more noise, but that seems to go over really well.”

Their future plans are to travel to the states and do a college tour as well as play Coachella and play some shows in Japan.

Here is their newest music video, “Andromeda”.

“The room is where we practice and write. We took two small cameras and attached them to anything we could find, kind of hung them from the ceiling and threw them around,” Nuttall said.

Band members include:

Joe Nuttall: Vocals, guitar, banjo, and keys
Stan Barnes: Drums and trombone
Lochie James: Guitar
Nick Howe: Bass

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sam Beeton

Sam Beeton is a folk singer from Nottingham, England, who got a start at an early age.

“I began playing guitar and singing as a toddler due to my father being a guitarist, and then a few years down the line I wrote some songs and was spotted by a studio producer playing in a bar in my home town of Carlton. This was my stepping stone into the business,” said Beeton.

Even though he hasn’t had much formal music training, he created his own record label a year ago, which has been a great success.

“I gathered three of my most trusted music business friends, who I had been working with for a number of years and we had a meeting about the pros and cons of such a venture,” Beeton said. “The upshot is that we decided to give it a bash and create Sweet Luigi Records. The reaction and take up of the ‘record club’ (which is a kind of never-ending album) has been mind-blowing! It’s worldwide.”

As well as creating his own record label, Beeton was featured in Burberry, a popular British clothing brand company, for his music.

“They got in touch with me after Christopher Bailey (creative director, Burberry) saw a video of a new song I posted on YouTube, called My Doll,” Beeton said.

His influences are Ed Harcourt, Jeff Buckley and Ron Sexsmith.

Here is Sam Beeton’s new music video, “Good Natured Child.”

Albums include an EP, a single and a subscription to his record club.

Record Club:

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Broken Column

The Broken Column is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, Calif.

“The three of us worked at a computer store together in Hollywood, Calif., and discovered we shared the same passion and talent for music,” the band said. “After the discovery, we started to jam, rehearse, and write together and everything else naturally progressed.”

They hope to keep their music going such as their influences.

“When we see or hear some of our influences such as Pearl Jam or Foo Fighters still putting out incredible records that we can’t stop listening to after being in the game for a couple decades,” the band said. “Everyday is an obstacle trying to figure out new ways to get our music in the ears of the people. It’s an exciting challenge that we take on whole heartedly.”

Their influences include Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Deftones, and Brand New.

Here is the premier of their video “Get Up.”

Band members:

Daniel Sahagun - Vocals and guitar
Scott Trieglaff - Bass and vocals
Tyler Coleman - Drums

For the latest music, photos, and videos from The Broken Column, visit or "Like" them on Facebook at

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Ingrid Gerdes

Ingrid Gerdes is not your typical contemporary artist. She began singing at an early age and wrote music before the age of 10.

“I studied piano for a few years as a child then began singing Opera in high school and won several awards in that area,” said Gerdes.  “I studied Classical Opera Technique with private teachers as well as Chorus and A Capella groups. I performed in several musicals as well. Then I continued my training at Berklee (College of Music in Boston).”

The type of music she plays varies.

“I love it all, and play it all,” Gerdes said. “Unfortunately, the ‘Music Business’ has become so genre specific, it’s unfortunate. Artists are now told they can only be one thing, which is not the nature of art at all. For marketing reasons, I sing Neo-Soul and release records in that style because it is the closest combo of my favorite styles. I do also record Blues and collaborate with other artists on other styles.”

Despite any difficulties, Gerdes wouldn’t trade music for the world.

“There are really hard days in this business and sometimes you think, should I just throw in the towel … but then I think of all the support I have and the gift of music I was given and I would never squander that,” said Gerdes.

Ingrid Gerdes, "Shed" Official Music Video from Vassili Shields on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wolf Gang

Wolf Gang is a syth-rock based band created by Max McElligott.

While in college, Max McElligott posted music on Myspace under the name of Wolf Gang, a product of his love of wolves and classical music. Shortly after, a manager got in touch and he dropped out of college to start his career.

He has experimented with different sounds.

“I love classical music, and jazz too. Growing up I also listened to quite a lot of world music, had a collection of weird percussion from all over the world. But I suppose my music has always veered towards large soundscapes, it’s always had an ambitious sound, and always focused on melodies,” McElligott said.

His biggest success has been signing a deal with Atlantic Records, touring in Australia, getting a single played on national radio and playing a support slot at the Royal Albert Hall.

Wolf Gang’s debut album comes out on July 11th.

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