Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thirteen Senses

Thirteen Senses is an alternative rock band that formed in Cornwall, England
“We started the band in 2001 and played small pub gigs locally,” lead singer and guitarist Will South said. “We recorded a number of demos and our break came after we sent one out to some record companies, who were kind enough to offer us a deal.”
Since its start, the band’s music has been continuing to be known, featuring on shows such as Grey's Anatomy and Bones.
“It gave us a platform to deliver our music to the American audience,” South said. “Our albums have never been given a proper release over there, so it’s great to have the music out there in this way.”
For Thirteen Senses, music is like a piece of art and expression of oneself.
“It’s a desire to create and express ourselves,” South said. “I think any artist, whether you’re a painter, poet or musician, must have a mysterious force behind them that needs to be expressed in a different form. As a band, when we are all together creating a new piece of music, it’s where we feel most comfortable.”
The band’s recent album, “Crystal Sounds,” was self-produced after being on a major recording label.
“It marked a slight change in direction and gave us a new injection of energy,” South said. “We started writing it as soon as the second album, Campaign, came to an end. Most of the songs were actually written and demoed by the beginning of 2008. The album wasn’t completed until the end of 2009 before finally being released the next year. We recorded most of it in our own studio.”
Thirteen Senses’ biggest success has been continuing its career.
“Our biggest success is that we’re still here making music,” South said. “We’re just in the process of finishing album four, so our future will, at the moment, involve getting that released and heard by as many people as possible.”
The band has been grateful for its fans support and hopes to release its next album soon.
“Just a big thank you for listening and supporting us,” South said. “That’s all really and we can’t wait for you to hear the new tracks, which hopefully won’t be too long a wait.”

Friday, October 28, 2011


Locksley is a rock and roll band who originally formed in Madison, Wis., during high school. The band moved to New York shortly after to spread its upbeat music.

The band has been influenced by many artists and have been able to perform with them as well.

“We’ve gotten to perform with Graham Smith, Fountains of Wayne, Ray Davies and The Hives,” Jesse Laz, singer and guitarist said.

Unlike many bands, Locksley has many voices, not just one main song writer.

“There are three songwriters in the band, all with different inspiration,” Laz said. “This album was mostly various romantic experiences but there are a few songs about growing up on there.”

Locksley has performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

“Jimmy Kimmel was much more relaxed, more like a normal show,” Laz said. “Conan was very professional. The timing they had on that program was unbelievable. Everything was timed and executed so tightly that after we finished I thought I might have forgotten to play guitar.”

The band recently released its self-titled album this past summer.

“It’s really like a Greatest Hits, so it was recorded over years at different times but all at a studio called The Space in lower Manhattan,” Laz said.

One of the most memorable performances the band had was performing the national anthem.

“We sang the national anthem at a memorial for one of the navy seals who died in that Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan,” Laz said. “Maybe interesting isn’t the word, but it certainly felt more moving than anything else we’ve done.”

In the future, the band hopes to make more music and continuing its career.

“We have a lot of new music that we’re trying to figure out release plans for,” Laz said. “One thing I can promise is that after the next album comes out, there will be very frequent releases until the end of our career.”